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"Imagine there's no heaven...No hell below us" --John Lennon

Imagine there's no heaven or hell. Whether of not an afterlife exists, and--if so--its nature, is a commom thread of inquiry, debate, even contention.

If we consider nearly any religion's, culture's or group's beliefs about heaven or hell, we find one single thing they all have in common: whatever it is, it is forever -- eternal -- extending from the present (or before) to the "end of time."

So maybe heaven and hell are actually the same place--Eternity. Whether or not you believe we'll have some sort or spiritual or physical body, we will at least have memory and conscisousness. If we have to spend forever knowing, and thinking and facing every last little thing we did while on earth, it could be either Heaven or Hell.

To ensure it's our Heaven, we must find a way to fully reconcile our life here and now with what we know is simply right. We must achieve a clear conscious in order to enter Eternity. And to "be" Eternal, we must perfect at least one godly trait: Patience.

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