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Recent Rants and Stuff:

Sun Tzu Said,
By Steve Piper, 2 April 2003.

Sacred Texts
By Steve Piper, 31 March 2003.

Stop Laser Weapons Now
By Steve Piper, 28 March 2003.

Congrats to Rev. Holmes Rolston III
Compiled from multiple public sources, 27 March 2003.

"Imagine there's no heaven...No hell below us" --John Lennon
By Steve Piper, 14 March 2003.

I know you're wondering, so , "yes," I will publish other peoples' stuff in this space, if ya' want. Just Electo-mail me at: s _ p i p e r @ y a h o o . c o m .

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"That Steve Piper"
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